April 8-10th, 2022

Sunday Round Pen #1 (Large)

10:00am - Butch Mowdy Equine Kindergarten-Dealing with behavior issues in horses.

11:00 am -Beginning Mini Driving-Idaho Miniature Club
12:00pm - Linda Hollingsworth Jones-Légèreté'
1:00pm - 4-H BLM Horse Showcase & Sale
2:00pm - Showmanship 101-Trina Holton
3:00pm - Back Country Horseman Packing Demo
4:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Pre Flight Check List
4:45pm - Wayne Williams- Equine Trivia-Jeopardy Style

9:30am -
10:30am - Butch Mowdy-Equine Kindergarten 2
11:30am - 4-H BLM Colts Presentation
12:00pm - Shane Gibson-Civil War Re-enactor-Weapons and Gear
1:30pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Presentation
2:30pm - Shelby Ketcham-Trick Training
3:30pm - Working Equitation-Intentional Equestrian Community
4:30pm - Wayne Williams Equine Trivia

10:00am - Idaho Sidesaddle Association-Presentation
11:00am - Butch Mowdy - Equine Kindergarten 1
12:00pm - Linda Jones-Légèreté -Bit work from the ground
- Improving Education, clarifying response in the bit
1:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Liberty Training
2:00pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Demonstration
3:15pm - Ted Nicholes-FAB Horsemanship
- Round Pen Exercise for a hard to catch horse
4:00pm - Blue Ribbon Horse Sale- Parade of Sale entries

4:30pm - Wayne Williams-Equine Trivia-Jeopardy Style

Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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COVID-19 Precautions

The Idaho Horse Council and the Ford Idaho Center Horse Park will be implementing the following COVID-19 protocols for the Idaho Horse Expo, April 8-10, 2022.
  1. Signage and posting of COVID-19 alerts.
  2. Masks recommended and social distancing encouraged.
  3. Two (2) hand sanitizer stations will be available (1 at front door and 1 at back door).
  4. Hand sanitizer is to be available at all exhibitor/vendor booths.
  5. Cloth drapes will be installed between exhibitor/vendor booths.
  6. IHC and Idaho Horse Park staff are to wear gloves and masks when collecting tickets and handling cash.
  7. Idaho Horse Park bathrooms will have every other stall closed.
  8. Seating in bleachers will be spaced for social distancing.
  9. Social distancing at outdoor venue sites is recommended and encouraged.
  10. The location/room for seminars has been relocated to allow for social distancing and ventilation.