April 5-7th, 2024

Friday Round Pen #1 (Large)


Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:30am - Butch Mowdy-Teaching a Horse to Learn-                                                                                                                                                  Day 1 with a Dutch Warmblood

11:30am - Brittnay Eicher-Horse Whispering 101

12:30pm- Shelby Ketcham- Liberty

1:45pm-Ruben Villasenor-Fitting the Bosal

2:30pm -Chloe Cuddiehudson-Starting Colts Under Saddle

3:30pm - Abby Carbaugh-Introduction to the La Garrocho

4:30pm- Cara Cagno- Buying Your First Horse



 Events and Schedule Subject to Change

9:00am Butch Mowdy- Equine Kindergarten-Day 2 with a Warmblood
10:00pm-  Ben Longwell- The Problem Horse
10:45am Shelby Ketcham -Trick Training
11:45am Brittnay Eicher-3 Easy Steps to Better Horsemanship
12:30pm Ruben Villasenor-Bosal Fitting
1:30pm Cara Cagno-Buying Your First Horse


Chloe Cuddie Hudson-Colt Starting

Henry Nabel-Improving the Green Horse after 30 days

3:45pm Abby Carbaugh-Introduction to La Garrocho
4:45pm Leo Van Sistane-Obstacle Techniques Training-Part 1


 Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:00 am Ben Longwell- Vaquero Bridlehorse
11:00pm Butch Mowdy- Day 3 with a Dutch Warmblood
12:00pm Leo Van Sistane-Obstacle Training Techniques-Part 2
1:00pm Chloe Cuddiehudson- Starting a Colt Under Saddle
2:00pm Emily Hickey- Power of Whoa
2:45pm Brittnay Eicher--Horse Whispering 101
3:30pm Cara Cagno-Buying Your First Horse


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