APRIL 7-9TH, 2023

Sunday Round Pen #1 (Large)


10:00am - Butch Mowdy Equine Kindergarten-Dealing with behavior issues in horses.

11:00 am -Beginning Mini Driving-Idaho Miniature Club
12:00pm - Linda Hollingsworth Jones-Légèreté'
1:00pm - 4-H BLM Horse Showcase & Sale
2:00pm - Showmanship 101-Trina Holton
3:00pm - Back Country Horseman Packing Demo
4:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Pre Flight Check List
4:45pm - Wayne Williams- Equine Trivia-Jeopardy Style

9:30am -
10:30am - Butch Mowdy-Equine Kindergarten 2
11:30am - 4-H BLM Colts Presentation
12:00pm - Shane Gibson-Civil War Re-enactor-Weapons and Gear
1:30pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Presentation
2:30pm - Shelby Ketcham-Trick Training
3:30pm - Working Equitation-Intentional Equestrian Community
4:30pm - Wayne Williams Equine Trivia

10:00am - Idaho Sidesaddle Association-Presentation
11:00am - Butch Mowdy - Equine Kindergarten 1
12:00pm - Linda Jones-Légèreté -Bit work from the ground
- Improving Education, clarifying response in the bit
1:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Liberty Training
2:00pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Demonstration
3:15pm - Ted Nicholes-FAB Horsemanship
- Round Pen Exercise for a hard to catch horse
4:00pm - Blue Ribbon Horse Sale- Parade of Sale entries

4:30pm - Wayne Williams-Equine Trivia-Jeopardy Style

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