April 5-7th, 2024

Expo Schedule

2024 Expo Schedule

Schedule is tentative and subject to change
Friday Main Arena

Events and Schedule Subject Change

Tickets available at the D&Bs in Nampa, Caldwell and Emmett, the IHC office and at the door.

7:30am-- Arena Opens
8:00am-- Gate Open for Admission
9:00am--Grand Entry
10:00am--Ben Longwell-Avoiding Cookie Cutters
11:00am-- Ron McGloughlin-Intro to Monte Foreman Basic Handle Maneuvers
11:45am-- Set Up Pens for Road to the Horse
12:00pm-- Road to the Horse Competition Begins
1:30pm-- Take Down Pens
1:45pm-- Henry Nabel-Easily Guided, circles, neck reining
2:45pm-- Breed Showcase
3:15pm-- Blue Ribbon Sale Horses
4:30pm-- Matt Livengood-Ranch Riding
5:30pm--Stallion Showcase
6:00pm-- EhCapa Bareback Riders                                                                                                                                                                      6:45pm-- Possettes Drill Team
7:00pm--Grand Entry--National Anthem of USA and Mexico                                                                                                                7:10pmFiesta Night--Featuring Spanish Breeds and their Riders

9:00pm--Expo Closes



Friday Round Pen #1 (Large)


Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:30am - Butch Mowdy-Teaching a Horse to Learn-                                                                                                                                                  Day 1 with a Dutch Warmblood

11:30am - Brittnay Eicher-Horse Whispering 101

12:30pm- Shelby Ketcham- Liberty

1:45pm-Ruben Villasenor-Fitting the Bosal

2:30pm -Chloe Cuddiehudson-Starting Colts Under Saddle

3:30pm - Abby Carbaugh-Introduction to the La Garrocho

4:30pm- Cara Cagno- Buying Your First Horse



Friday Round Pen #2 (Small)


Events and Schedule Subject to Change

11:00am-BLM- Mustang Presentation

12:00pm -Patty Hall- Equine Body Work-Masterson Method

1:00pm -Ron McLoughlin-Bits and Bitting

2:00pm - Packing Presentation-Dan Waugh/Backcountry Horsemen

3:30pm -Sharon Katzke AAH Light Therapy for Horses with                                                                                                                                           Sarah Wolverton, DVM, Chiropractor

4:30pm-Ted Kraus with Circle Y-Saddle Fitting


Friday Stampeders Arena

Events and Schedule Subject to Change

7:30am  - Open for warmup riding


Friday Grand Prix Arena

Events and Schedule Coming Soon

Friday Coverall Arena

Times and Events Subject to Change

9:00am - Breakaway Roping Clinic-Shelli Scrivner

Round pens available for trying Blue Ribbon Horses

3:30pm- Blue Ribbon and Stallions Staging Area for                                                                                                                                                                 Main Arena presentations

Friday Seminar Room

10:00am-Alayne Blickle-Mud Management

11:00pm-Idaho Equine Hospital-Dr. Afton Timmons-Colic:                                                                                                                                             How to avoid it and what are the trouble signs.

12:00pm-Tyler O'Donnell-U of ID Extension Educator-Rotational                                                                                                                            Grazing and Pasture Management

1:00pm-Matt Livengood-Creating and Using Trail Obstacles

2:00pm-Raul Trevino, Jr., Boise District Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse & Burro Specialist-How

to adopt a BLM Mustang or Burro

2:30-Sandy Young-Buying Hay 101

3:30pm-Dana Lovell-Process Oriented vs. Goal Oriented-                                                                                                                                                 Utilize the valuable tool of mindset to positively influence your horsemanship


Friday Stage

1:00pm- Trivia with Wayne Williams


3:00pm-Trivia with Wayne Williams

Saturday Main Arena

Times and Events Subject to Change   


8:00am-- Gates Open for Admission
8:30am-- Grand Entry
9:00am-- Henry Nabel--Putting your horse in frame, body control.
9:45am-- Cow Dog Demo--Robin MacGregor Brown
10:45am-- Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Demonstration                                                                                                                                11:15pm-- Stallion Showcase
11:45pm-- Set Up Round Pen
12:00pm-- Road to the Horse Collegiate Challenge
1:45pm-- Take Down Round Pens
2:00pm-- Heartland Jumpers
2:45pm-- Ron McLoughlin -Developing a horse's ability to work over the hind end.
3:30pm-- Dressage Demonstration-Nadine Schwartsman
3:50pm-- Dueling Disciplines
4:00pm-- Ricochet Mounted Archers
5:00pm-- Breed Showcase
5:30pm-- Blue Ribbon Sale Horses
6:15pm-- Grand Entry Color Guard
6:30pm-- Mustang Extravaganza
7:30pm-- Barn Dance

10:00am Expo Closes

Saturday Round Pen #1 (Large)

 Events and Schedule Subject to Change

9:00am Butch Mowdy- Equine Kindergarten-Day 2 with a Warmblood
10:00pm-  Ben Longwell- The Problem Horse
10:45am Shelby Ketcham -Trick Training
11:45am Brittnay Eicher-3 Easy Steps to Better Horsemanship
12:30pm Ruben Villasenor-Bosal Fitting
1:30pm Cara Cagno-Buying Your First Horse


Chloe Cuddie Hudson-Colt Starting

Henry Nabel-Improving the Green Horse after 30 days

3:45pm Abby Carbaugh-Introduction to La Garrocho
4:45pm Leo Van Sistane-Obstacle Techniques Training-Part 1


Saturday Round Pen #2 (Small)

Schedule and Events Subject to Change

10:00am Draft Horse Grooming Demonstration
10:45am- Patty Hall-Masterson Method
1:00pm BLM Mustangs
2:30pm Brandee Bratton- Equine Chakras
3:15pm Ashley Albano- Equine and Rider Massage
4:30pm Saddle Fitting by a Circle Y Rep.-Ted Kraus
Saturday Stampeders Arena

Events and Schedule Tentative and may change

10:00am Willa RoseWorking Equitation Clinic
3:30pm Clinic Ends


Saturday Grand Prix Arena

Times and Events Subject to Change

8:00am Contestant Meeting
9:00am ETS Competition Starts--Goes All Day


Saturday Coverall Arena

Events and Schedule Subject to Change 

9:00am- Shelli Scrivner- Breakaway Roping Clinic

2:00pm- Ride a Horse With the Angel Riders (Round Pens)

3:00pm- Clinic Ends

3:30pm- Civil War Maneuvers

Saturday Seminar Room

Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:00am Alayne Blickle- Composting Horse Manure
11:00am Sharon Katzke- Light Therapy Presentation; Light up your life be pain free
12:00pm Dana Lovell-What is collection and why is it so important
1:00pm Sandy Young and Dr. Gustafson- Ins and outs of low sugar hay
2:00pm Matt Livengood-All about Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail & Working Western


3:00pm DVM Emma Glenn- Prepurchase exams, what it is and why do one?
4:00pm Raul Trevino, Jr.  Boise District Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist - How to Adopt a BLM Mustang or Burro
Saturday Stage

Events and Schedule Subject Change                                 

11:00am Trivia with Wayne Williams from Speaking of the Horses TV
1:00pm Triva Ends
3:00pm Fashion Show
6:30pm Band Set Up
Sunday Main Arena

Events and Schedule Subject to Change

7:30am - Arena open for Warm Up
8:00am - Gates open for Admission
8:30am - Cowboy Church
9:15am- Grand Entry
9:45am - Henry Nabel - Creating a soft feel, collection, engaging the hind quarter                                                                                 10:45am - Ron McLoughlin- Developing a "Balanced Stop"
11:45am - Ruben Villasenor-Exercises From the Saddle
12:30pm - Breed Showcase
1:00pm--Blue Ribbon Sale Horses                                                                                                                                                                                    1:30pm--Abby Carbaugh- Cavalettis
2:30pm - Stallion Showcase

3:00pm - Road to the Horse Finals
6:30pm - Expo Closes!  See you next Year!!!!


Sunday Round Pen #1 (Large)

 Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:00 am Ben Longwell- Vaquero Bridlehorse
11:00pm Butch Mowdy- Day 3 with a Dutch Warmblood
12:00pm Leo Van Sistane-Obstacle Training Techniques-Part 2
1:00pm Chloe Cuddiehudson- Starting a Colt Under Saddle
2:00pm Emily Hickey- Power of Whoa
2:45pm Brittnay Eicher--Horse Whispering 101
3:30pm Cara Cagno-Buying Your First Horse


Sunday Round Pen #2 (Small)

Events and Schedule Subject to Change

10:00am BLM Mustangs- 4-H Colts
11:000 am Shelby Ketcham-Mustangs
11:45am Patty Hall-Equine Body Works-Masterson Method
1:15pm BLM 4-H Mustang Colt Sale
2:30pm Saddle Fitting by Circle Y Rep-Ted Kraus
Sunday Stampeders Arena

Events and Schedule Subject to Change

9:00am -Cattle Dog Trials


Sunday Grand Prix Arena

Events and Schedule Coming Soon 




Sunday Coverall Arena

Events and Schedule Coming Soon

9:30am Abby Carbaugh- Obstacle Clinic
1:00pm Matt Livengood- Ranch Riding Clinic
4:00pm Ranch Riding Clinic Ends


Sunday Seminar Room

Events and Schedule Coming Soon




Dan Waugh- Back Country Horsemen

12:00pm Mandie Stuhan-Horse & Halo Sanctuary-Animal Welfare and You
1:oopm Ron McLoughlin- Quality Riding Instructors, The Need For Them Today
2:00pm Sandy Young- Buying Hay 101



Sunday Stage

Events and Schedule Coming Soon

9:30pm- Trivia

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