April 5-7th, 2024


Liberty Training

Abby Carbaugh

In addition to being a certified Cowboy Dressage clinician, Abby specializes in Groundwork, Liberty, Obstacles, and La Garrocha. She enjoys the variety of these disciplines and believes that used together they create for well-rounded horses and riders. Her passion as an instructor is helping her clients to develop a meaningful connection and true partnership with their horses.

Ranch Riding

Matt Livengood

Work in the discipline of Ranch Riding. Including body control, transitions, and smoothness as well as executing patterns. You will leave this clinic with exercises you can use at home.

Colts Under Saddle

Chloe Cuddie Hudson

Starting colts under saddle.


Brittney Eicher

Brittany Eicher has been teaching for more than a decade and has a unique way of connecting and communicated with her clients.
She enjoys to laugh and keeps a lighthearted vibe in the arena while still digging deep into excellent horsemanship.  Brittany does a great job of breaking concepts down into bite sized pieces and explaining them in real life terms for her clients.  She also knows that silence and practice help a student grasp exercises and isn't afraid to walk away and give a client time to puzzle out a task she has given them, only stepping in when needed.  She allows clients to learn at their own pace, yet balancing that with a desire to edge you a bit out of your comfort zone at times so that you are gaining new skills and insight.

Versatile Foundation

Ben Longwell

Welcome to True West Horsemanship LLC! Ben Longwell, originally from Colorado, USA worked both in the States and in the diverse New Zealand equine industry as a full time horseman and clinician, before moving back to USA in 2022 and is now settled near Pendleton, Oregon.

Working with a wide variety of breeds & equine disciplines, plus a passion for truly understanding the horse and the tradition of the Vaquero Bridlehorse, has given Ben a solid versatile foundation in the equine world and has been the base for teaching better horsemanship and helping build stronger partnerships between horse & rider.

Ben is available to teach a variety of clinics worldwide which can suit different skill levels and interests. Participants love Ben’s knowledgeable, positive and quiet approach to teaching them. Where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment.

Equine Kindergarten

Butch Mowdy

​Stay soft, stay light, listen to your horse ~

Willing and Respectful

Henry Nabel

With over 30 years of full time training experience, I gained great knowledge from trainers such as Ben Below, Monty Bruce and Jeremy Meador. I have shown in reining competitions and was a contestant at the 2008 Horse Affair. For over 9 years, I have been a familiar face at the Idaho Horse Expo in Nampa, Idaho as a clinician. I enjoy meeting people at my booth and am proud to be a supporter of our local horse community.


Nadine Schwartsman

Nadine Schwartsman is an international Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer.  Originally from Germany where she received her superb dressage education following the classical German principles, she moved to the United States in 2008 and obtained her US citizenship in 2015.

A USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist, Nadine owns and operates her own world class show stable Les Bois Dressage in Eagle, ID where she lives with husband Roman and son Nikolai.

Nadine raises and trains US-bred horses into happy and healthy internationally competitive High Performance athletes.  She hopes to represent the United States in Olympic and World Equestrian Games in the future.

Cowboy Dressage

Leo VanSistane

Leo started riding horses at 8 years old. He stared his professional horse training career in 2010. He has been a Cowboy Dressage Ambassador since 2015. He has been in Ontario Oregon since 2019 and the same year he became a Ken McNabb Journeyman Trainer.

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