April 5-7th, 2024

Blue Ribbon Sale


Selling a horse has its challenges, meeting potential buyers at your home place or at the barn you board can have scheduling issues or the arena might not be available. Or the stable won’t allow outside riders.  

Consider consigning your horse to the Idaho Horse Expo’s  Blue Ribbon Horse Sale.  Bringing thousands of horse enthusiasts to one place, some of these attendees might just be in the market for a nice new horse. Thousands potentially will see your horse.

The stalls for the Sale Horses are located in the stall row barns, just a short walk from the Expo building.

Your horse will be featured not only at the show but on our Expo website and the IdahoHorse Expo Facebook page. We are requesting a good picture to be emailed to us, youtube link can also be posted if you have a great video of your horse. Potential buyers will be excited to meet your equine in person. Make certain you email a great photo, the right photo will help sell a horse.

Blue Ribbon Horse Sale will provide:

  • Stall in our Horse Sale Barn for 3 days with 3bags of bedding, any other bedding can be purchased from our Blue Ribbon Hosts.
  • Advertising on our Expo website and Facebook page (photo, breed, age, gender, name, discipline, and price)
  • Catalog with longer written description on your equine will be handed out to potential buyers
  • Our Blue Ribbon Hosts will be on-site to point potential buyers to horses they are looking for
  • Round pen for test rides (18 & over) on broke and safe horses (signed release a must)
  • A veterinarian can be available for a pre-purchase vet check (not a free service)
  • You will receive a Blue Ribbon for your horse to wear while out of the stall
  • For an additional $25 you can rent a tack stall next to your horse, or keep your items in your horse trailer
  • Brand inspection for sales (cost applies, payable to the State Brand Office) will be on site
  • Time to show your horse on the Expo schedule in the main arena and round pens
  • Admission for 2 for 3 days- $60 value

Horse owner will provide:

  • $175 fee for 12x12 stall
  • Information on the horse for placement on the Expo website and Facebook
  • Quality picture of horse in .jpg format
  • Negative Coggins and health certificate dated within 30 days of Expo start date.
  • Signed release and horse entry form
  • Horse(s) to be presented as sound or any issues have to be disclosed.

A Few More Pointers & Rules

  • The seller has the right to sell the horse at Private Treaty and lower the asking price
  • Horses exhibiting vices ie weaving or cribbing, not allowed at the sale
  • Horses unsafe or not broke shall not be brought to this public sale
  • Horses with any type of communal disease shall not be brought. Horses will be tempt at time of arrival
  • The owner or representative warrants ownership to each consigned animal herein entered and agree to defend said ownership against all adverse claims
  • The owner will provide signed breed papers if they apply at the sale of the horse
  • Owners agree to hold, Idaho Horse Expo and its agents, harmless from any cost of liabilities that might occur during the stay at the Horse Park
  • Horse owners are encouraged to contact their insurance company to arrange for appropriate insurance to present horse in public
For additional questions, please email our office at idahohorsecouncil@yahoo.com or call the office during regular office hours on Monday and Wednesdayfrom 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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