April 5-7th, 2024


Bits & Equipment-What is legal in Ranch Riding and What's Not

Matt Livengood

Learn from a judge and trainer about what Ranch Riding equipment is allowed, what's not, and why.

All About Ranch Riding and Ranch Trail

Matt Livengood

What is ranch riding and what is not? Learn the rules and requirements of the ranch riding and ranch trail disciplines. Learn about expectations, show clothes required and what the judges are looking for  - watch some videos of ranch riding runs.  Plus, pick up a list of ranch riding shows in Treasure Valley for 2023.  Matt Livengood, an AQHA Ranch Riding carded judge, judged the 2020 AQHA World Show in ranch riding and reining.

Understanding Low-Sugar Hay

Sandy Young

Join us to learn about low sugar hay options for horses with metabolic issues (Cushings, Insulin Resistance, obesity, etc.).  Hay broker Sandy Young and an equine nutritionist will be speakers.

Create a Mud-Free, Chore Efficient Confinement Area

Alayne Blickle

If you have horses, then you must have mud, right? Wrong!  There are many great ways to manage mud on your horse property. We will discuss what causes mud  and how it affects horse health.  Then we will cover six key steps you can take that will reduce and even prevent mud on your property.  Learn about French drains, footing options, simple siting ideas, geo textile fabrics, and other great ideas for setting up and managing horse paddocks for chore-efficiency and horse health.

What Motivates A Horse and the Human Factor

Dana Lovell

Idaho Trails

Dan Waugh

Spring Horse Pasture Management Tips

Alayne Blickle

Springtime is the right time to get going on pastures. Join Horses for Clean Water in this presentation to learn the top seven tips for creating a great horse pasture.  Start the grazing season
on the right foot (or hoof?)and get a jump on how you can easily improve your pasture productivity, chore efficiency, and horse health.

Equine Dentistry

Jennifer Johnson

Feeding Hay 101

Sandy Young

What kind of hay should I feed my horse, how do I know if the hay is good, how should I store my hay, and how much do I need to buy for the winter? Sandy Young, the "Hay Lady" of Treasure Valley and a hay broker since 2008, will answer these questions and more!

Managing a Hay Field

Sandy Young

Learn how soil health affects hay field productivity and techniques for growing and harvesting good hay in Treasure Valley.  Hay broker Sandy Young and a commercial hay grower will be the speakers.

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