APRIL 7-9TH, 2023

Friday Main Arena


7:30am - Arena Open for Warm Up
8:00am - Gates Open for Admission
8:30am - Grand Entry
9:00am - Snake River Reining Alliance
9:45am - Jump Set Up
10:00am - Heartland Jumpers
11:00am - Evan Bonner-The First Dance Steps
12:00pm - Set Up Round Pens for Trainer Showcase
12:15pm - Trainers Showcase/Colt Starting Demonstrations
1:30pm - Henry Nabel-Engaging the Horses's Hindquarters,
Collecting & Stops
2:15pm - Julie Goodnight-Balance & Rhythm in the Saddle
3:15pm - JoLinn Hoover/Cowboy Dressage
3:50pm -Ranch Riding Presentation w/Matt Livengood
4:00pm -
4:15pm -
4:30pm - Lucia Clementson -Lightness VS softness

and how to achieve it with simple maneuvers.

4:45pm -
5:00pm - Breed Showcase
5:30pm -
6:00pm - Fiesta Night Performances-Escaramuza Drill Team will perform.
Performances and presentations of Spanish Breeds
of horses and the Charro culture of Horsemanship

Don't miss this exciting show of beautiful horses and riders!!!!

9:00pm - Gates Close

10:00am - Idaho Sidesaddle Association-Presentation
11:00am - Butch Mowdy - Equine Kindergarten 1
12:00pm - Linda Jones-Légèreté -Bit work from the ground
- Improving Education, clarifying response in the bit
1:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Liberty Training
2:00pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Demonstration
3:15pm - Ted Nicholes-FAB Horsemanship
- Round Pen Exercise for a hard to catch horse
4:00pm - Blue Ribbon Horse Sale- Parade of Sale entries

4:30pm - Wayne Williams-Equine Trivia-Jeopardy Style

11:30am - Shane Gibson-Civil War Weapons & Gear

1:00pm - Trainers/Colt Starters - Q & A
2:00pm - Buying your First Horse w/Cara Cagno
3:00pm - Learn how to read your horse's Vital signs
3:45pm - Basic Grooming

9:00 AM  - Kelly Jamison Clinic-Navigating Trail Obstacles

9:00am - Julien Beaugnon Clinic-Liberty Training
10 Participants only-Auditors Welcome

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

11:00am - Alayne Blickle-Tips for Horsekeeping on Small acreages
12:00pm - Bits & Equipment w/Matt Livengood

2:00pm - Leathercare w/Jaquelyn Holly

3:00pm - Legacy Park Riders Association-For the dedicated rider

at Cowboy Campground.  Check for more information at booth 64.

Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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