APRIL 7-9TH, 2023

Friday Stage


2:00pm - Equine Trivia Jeopardy
Win Prizes-Presented by Wayne Williams
w/ "Speaking of Horses" TV Program

7:30am - Arena Open for Warm Up
8:00am - Gates Open for Admission
8:45am - Grand Entry
9:00am - Evan Bonner-Get it to become
the Horse's Idea
9:45am - Cattle Dog Presentation-Robin Brown
11:00am - Matt Livengood-Ranch Riding
11:45am - Set Up Round Pens
12:00pm - RTTH Colt Starting Challenge
1:30pm -Racing Blues
1:45pm - Henry Nabel-Body Control,
frame, developing softness
2:30pm - Stallions on Parade
2:45pm - Ricochet Mounted Archers
3:45pm -Draft Horse Presentation-Rae Marie Eacker
4:30pm - Ty Evans-A Handy Mule is a Safe Mule
5:15pm - Blue Ribbon Sale Horses
5:30pm - Breed Showcase- 13 Breeds of horses- beautiful
representatives of their breed
6:30pm - Friday Night Fiesta
Don't miss this exciting show of beautiful Spanish horses and riders!!!!

9:00pm - Expo Closes


10:00am - Butch Mowdy-Teaching a Horse to Learn
11:00am - Draft Horse Presentation
12:00pm - Shelby Ketcham-Liberty Training
1:00pm - Idaho Sidesaddle Association-Presentation
2:00pm -Equestrian Yoga - Yoga with, on and for your Horse-Jill Mohn
3:00pm - Back Country Horsemen Packing Demonstration
4:45pm - Ted Nicholes-Behavior Issues in Horses



11:00am-Buying and Caring for your First Horse-
Cara Cagno
11:30am - IEH Vet-Wounds & Wound Care
1:00pm -Basic Grooming-Tess Eastman
1:45pm - Collegiate Colt Starters - Q & A
2:00pm - Mules vs. Donkeys-Dan Waugh
3:00pm - Miss Rodeo Idaho-Lydia Miller
3:45pm -
4:30pm - Saddle Fitting-Ted Kraus-Circle Y Saddlery


9:00 am  - Arena open for warm-up and riding

No Events

10:00am - Trail Obstacle Clinic w/Kelly Jamison
Gate entries will be taken if Clinic is not full by 9:00am

1:00 pm Clinic ends

1:30pm - Stallions on Parade

3:30pm - Blue Ribbon Sale Horses

11:00am -
12:00pm -
1:00pm-Sandy Young-Understanding Low Sugar Hay-Join us to
learn about low sugar hay options for horses with metabolic issues (Cushings,
Insulin Resistance, obesity, etc.).  Hay broker Sandy Young and an equine
nutritionist will be speakers.
2:00pm -Alayne Blickle-Horses for Clean Water-Create a Mud-Free,
Chore EfficientConfinement Area-If you have horses, then you must have mud, right?
Wrong!  There are many great ways to manage mud on your horse property.
We will discuss what causes mud  and how it affects horse health.  Then we will
cover six key steps you can take that will reduce and even prevent mud on your
property.  Learn about French drains, footing options, simple siting ideas, geotextile
fabrics, and other great ideas for setting up and managing horse paddocks
for chore -efficiency and horse health.
3:00pm -MattLivengood-Bits & Equipment-What is legal
in Ranch Riding and What's Not.   Learn from a
judge and trainer about what Ranch Riding equipment
is allowed, what's not and why.


Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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