April 5-7th, 2024

Saturday Main Arena

Times and Events Subject to Change   


8:00am-- Gates Open for Admission
8:30am-- Grand Entry
9:00am-- Henry Nabel--Putting your horse in frame, body control.
9:45am-- Cow Dog Demo--Robin MacGregor Brown
10:45am-- Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Demonstration                                                                                                                                11:15pm-- Stallion Showcase
11:45pm-- Set Up Round Pen
12:00pm-- Road to the Horse Collegiate Challenge
1:45pm-- Take Down Round Pens
2:00pm-- Heartland Jumpers
2:45pm-- Ron McLoughlin -Developing a horse's ability to work over the hind end.
3:30pm-- Dressage Demonstration-Nadine Schwartsman
3:50pm-- Dueling Disciplines
4:00pm-- Ricochet Mounted Archers
5:00pm-- Breed Showcase
5:30pm-- Blue Ribbon Sale Horses
6:15pm-- Grand Entry Color Guard
6:30pm-- Mustang Extravaganza
7:30pm-- Barn Dance

10:00am Expo Closes

Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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