April 5-7th, 2024

Ben Longwell

Welcome to True West Horsemanship LLC! Ben Longwell, originally from Colorado, USA worked both in the States and in the diverse New Zealand equine industry as a full time horseman and clinician, before moving back to USA in 2022 and is now settled near Pendleton, Oregon.

Working with a wide variety of breeds & equine disciplines, plus a passion for truly understanding the horse and the tradition of the Vaquero Bridlehorse, has given Ben a solid versatile foundation in the equine world and has been the base for teaching better horsemanship and helping build stronger partnerships between horse & rider.

Ben is available to teach a variety of clinics worldwide which can suit different skill levels and interests. Participants love Ben’s knowledgeable, positive and quiet approach to teaching them. Where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment.

Our office hours are:
Mon & Wed - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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