2019 Idaho Horse Expo

Featured Clinicians & Performers

Les Vogt                      

NRCHA Hall of Fame

Idaho Horse Expo is pleased to announce NRCHA Hall of Fame Trainer Les Vogt will be one of our featured clinicians for 2019! With over 55 years of accomplishments and experience as a Master of Educational Horsemanship and a Western Equine Technician, Les has held clinics all over the world from South America to Australia! 

  • NRCHA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • NRCHA Hall of Fame Trainer - 3x Inductee
  • Bit and Spur Maker
  • Published Author - Books, Text Books &                   Magazines
  • Western Horseman Legend in Legends Book
  • Horse and Rider Magazine "All Time Greatest"

Nadine Schwartsman

USDF Gold Medalist

Nadine Schwartsman is an international Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer.  Originally from Germany where she received her superb dressage education following the classical German principles, she moved to the United States in 2008 and obtained her US citizenship in 2015. 

A USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, Nadine owns and operates her own world class show stable Les Bois Dressage, LLC in Eagle, ID where she lives with husband Roman and son Nikolai.

Nadine raises and trains US-bred horses into happy and healthy internationally competitive High Performance athletes.  She hopes to represent the United States in Olympic and World Equestrian Games in the future. 

Steve Rother

Excel With Horses

From an early age Steve had an extreme passion for being around the horse.  This passion spread to a thirst for more knowledge as he traveled across the country to mentor under some of the greatest horsemen of all time, including the late Ray Hunt.

The culmination of this tutelage and his work helping thousands of horses and riders over the last 20 years, is the basis for Steve's Excel With Horses Program.  It is one of the most sought after training methods in the country, and has made it possible for so many horsemen and women to achieve their horsemanship dreams.

Steve is dedicated to helping those wishing to pursue a better relationship with their horse and has designed a simple step-by-step program designed for all breeds and disciplines.

Butch Mowdy

Equine Kindergarten

Butch Mowdy is the heart of Equine Kindergarten which is located in Emmett Idaho. The teachings are based around the principles of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance as Butch understand them. 

We teach horses how to learn, soft quiet and relaxed, no sense of urgency. Butch feels that these baby horses can do some incredible things after they find out we will wait for them. We are trying to make saddle horses, so everything he does on the ground can be copied sitting on their back. 

We fix a lot of troubled horses with these same principles. Idaho Horse Expo is excited to bring his teachings to our great event. You won’t want to miss his "baby" classes throughout the weekend. 

Shelby Rosholt

Shelby Rosholt is a new generation trainer with a heart for all horses and special fondness for the Mustang breed. Her desire is to make a difference in the life of the horse and improve the horsemanship and the relationship with the horse for her clients.

She grew up riding a difficult first horse that most would have labeled a “problem horse”. At the age of 9, Rosholt attended her first horsemanship clinic and has continued to gain knowledge over the years from many great horsemen and women, attending clinics and interning. Most teaching the ways and techniques like that of the great horseman, Ray Hunt. The skills and understanding of the horse that she gained from attending clinics launched her knowledge base far beyond her peers.   

 In her early years, she participated in 4H showing horses in all riding disciplines and continued through High School. Rosholt started putting her training skills to use gentling mustangs in the Teens and Oregon Mustangs Program at the age of 13.  Once she turned 18, she moved onto the Adult Extreme Mustang Makeovers, and placed in the top five three out of four times. She also received the Champion Young Gun Award twice. Shelby continues to show horses in all disciples and at all levels.

Morgan Wagner

Morgan Wagner and her horse Endo the Blind Horse are known throughout the world for their amazing relationship that enables the pair to exceed the preconceived limitations of blind horses. 

Endo had to have his eyes removed due to pain and blindness from the disease equine recurrent uveitis. Endo learned to use his other senses to navigate his new dark world with the help and guidance from his loving owner, Morgan. 

The pair now competes at masters level in working equitation and give demonstrations all over the US and Canada. Liberty work is also a favorite with only Morgans voice to keep the connection between them without the need of ropes and reins. Many amazing pictures and videos are available online of the two displaying their love and adventures.   

 They are traveling from Eugene, OR to the Idaho Horse Expo for the first time. The pair will have daily displays showing their ability to navigate obstacles such as jumps and liberty work showing their bond. They are also happy to visit with guest throughout the day in between show times.

Dana Lovell

Dana Lovell of Running T Horsemanship in Shoshone, ID believes in training with passion, balance and purpose.  A job done without passion and drive isn’t as complete or rewarding. Finding balance (literally and figuratively) within yourself and the horse means success. 

The key to any successful relationship is communication, to be clear and able to listen in return. By better understanding the horse’s physiological functions and how they effect their ability to learn and retain. 

Dana strives to continue her education through different avenues and recognizes that horsemanship is a never-ending odyssey. With her unique style and authentic exuberance, she wants to pass that knowledge and ability onto others. Dana’s instruction provides an engaging environment to further your horsemanship regardless of your discipline or level of experience. 

We will discuss the psychology and physiological responses of the horse and how this information can help us to better communicate and solidify what we teach. We will introduce creating mental and physical "draw" and marker trainer (and how this can be utilized in other ways).

Through steps that build on each other we work to develop a horse who chooses us because he wants to, not because he has to. By becoming aware and understanding, not only how our physical position effects our horse but how our energetic projection effects them, we can strengthen our "feel" and timing. We can help our horse learn to respond instead of react by being consistent, predictable and reliable with our direction and boundaries.

Lee Daggett

IHE Official Announcer

Born a 5th generation native of NE Oregon, Lee Daggett comes from a family with a deeply rooted heritage of ranching and timber. 

Lee makes his home just outside of Enterprise, Oregon on a small acreage where he enjoys life in an area, they call the ‘Little Switzerland of America’.

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, he continues to write, record, & produce radio commercials. Lee has, for many years, and continues to be, a Principal Real Estate Broker during the workweek & is also a Rough Stock Rodeo Show Producer.

The Rodeo & Horse/Mule Show Season finds him on the road, announcing Rodeo’s, Bull Riding Events & Horse/Mule Shows in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah & Alaska. 

Scheduled to Announce 100+ rodeo & show performances this year. Lee has announced:
WSRRA National Finals - 9 years in a row
National Finals Senior Pro Rodeo - 2 timesI
CA Announcer of the Year 2013
CA Finals 2011 - 2014
Pro West Finals - 2006
Supporter of the Cowboy Crises Fund

The Rhinestone Roper

Dan Mink and his wife Nat'aani and their horse Lucky Joe have been amazing audiences across the USA.  They even competed on America's Got Talent making it into the Semi-Finals with their Knife Throwing, Sharp Shooting and comedic act with Lucky Joe!

The Rhinestone Roper and Lucky Joe are sure to put on an amazing show during our evening performances and during the day Dan will feature his Mechanical Roping Horse and Calf in the Kids Corral where you will be able to try your hand at roping.  Dan will also be doing Trick Roping and have his rope making display young and old will get to see how ropes are made!

Don't miss this chance to meet Dan, Nat'aani and Lucky Joe! 

THR Tribe

 Saturday Only!  The Runaway Hamsters (TRH) Tribe will be performing at the Idaho Horse Expo evening program and through out the day meet them up close and personal at the Kids Corral!

"We truly got our start as TRH by helping a friend who had cancer. We recorded a simple song, had CDs made which we sold to raise money that was donated to the hospital caring for our friend. Our story got picked up nationally and we began to get calls from all over the country. We were interviewed on radio stations & media from coast to coast and eventually producers approached us to make an album. We chose to work with Kent Wells Productions in Nashville (Dolly Parton's producer). Kent connected us with songwriters and has also written with us himself. He shares our vision, passion and love for music."

Now ages 14 and 12, TRH released their new single "Go" on June 1, 2018 just in time for their appearances at CMA fest in Nashville. Their new EP will follow on the footsteps of this fun new single. 

TRH produced their first official EP in 2015 and their second release "A Little Country" was released June 1, 2016. TRH creates music that is original, engaging and heartfelt. Their lyrics can be touching with a dose of humor with the aim of leaving the listener happy. You will be smiling if you take the time to enjoy! TRH has been involved with music from a very early age starting with piano lessons, which began at 3 years old. They all love to write, and each plays a variety of instruments. They all like to help others. Their hastag is #wehelpfriends!

TRH has been busy for a group so young. Their past major performances included opening for Andy Grammer at Baldapalooza in Boise, ID, performing in Nashville, TN at the world famous Bluebird Café and a headline performance at the LA Zoo for Dreamnight. They are also very philanthropic, having helped raise money for several years with the Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon @ Boise State University and as Junior Ambassadors for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Check out their YouTube channel or their social connections on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Lawrance Valdez

Lawrance Valdez has been a working horse trainer for more than 38 years. He first started training horses professionally at the age if 18 years. Already An accomplished horseman, he graduated as one of the top students from Ricks College with a degree in Horsemanship and Stable Management. 

He Was chosen to serve his Internship at the Famous King Ranch in Kingsville Texas, Home of the Quarter Horse. learning cutting from some of the best in the industry.

 Lawrance returned to his home town Rupert, Idaho where he chose to pursue His career as a professional horse trainer, showman, roper, instructor and clinician. He has also gained the respect from the gaited horse community by specializing in training gaited horses of several breeds and teaching liberty. 

He is an award-winning Reining Champion, capturing the Title of “Idaho State Reining Champion” during his progressive horse career. Lawrance has never limited himself in what he can learn and teach in the horsemanship field. There is always something new to learn…….  

Lawrance has traveled extensively putting on clinics. He has taught and refined the Methods to teach others in his incredible horse program that reaches a deeper level of Communication between a human and their horse.  Please come and join us in one of the clinics scheduled for 2019 and see for yourself the possibilities that exist.

Alex Owen

Horses give so much value to my life and help me grow as a person. Starting young horses is a passion of mine. Teach and education with the public is my main priority with Owen horsemanship. In addition to Owen Horsemanship we have developed a platform a full training library with different trainers of all skill levels and disciplines.